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Do you experience pain during or after cycling? Or do you want to improve your performance on your bike? In either case a bike fit can significantly help.  


Too many people are not aware of how to adjust their bike for optimum comfort and performance.  The correct riding position is essential to improve your cycling enjoyment, it provides more comfort, improves your bike handling, and provides greater endurance, plus it prevents injuries.

We offer two options for Bike Fitting a shorter ESSENTIAL BIKE FIT or a longer ADVANCED BIKE FIT.


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This is a basic service lasting around 30 minutes and is recommended for leisure riders. During the bike fit we we will take various measurements and carry out a visual assessment of your current position on the bike.  Typical adjustments include:

  • Saddle height / angle

  • Fore & aft saddle position

  • Handlebar position

  • Stem position & height

  • Cleat adjustment

Essential Bike Fit


This is an advanced service aimed at more serious riders that want to focus on improving their performance on the bike.  We work with you to understand your riding, what you want to improve and any issues you might have.  We will take various measurements and carry out an extended visual assessment of your current position on the bike. 


We cover the same areas as the ESSENTIAL BIKE FIT but take longer to understand your needs, make more adjustments and check that adjustments made are optimised to meet your goals.

If required we can extend your bike in 15 minute intervals for £10.

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Advanced Bik Fit
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