Bivi-BIKES cycle

We partner with two of the leading scheme providers; Green Commute Initiative and Cyclescheme


Click on the links to find out more or just call or pop into the shop and we can help you.

Cycle to Work

Save between 25% and 39% on a new bike!

You’ll have your own reasons for wanting to cycle, but there are probably more benefits than you realise.

The cycle to work scheme is a tax efficient way to get a new bike plus accessories and clothing, and there is no £1,000 limit any more. You can save over 30% and spread payments over up to 5 years.


As an example, you could spend £1,000 on a bike plus accessories and this would cost less than £30 per month spread over 2 years; a saving of around £300.

It's like a year-round sale, with interest free credit available.  

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