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Something most people don't know is that Mavic is actually an acronym derived from Manufacture d'Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel.  Mavic wheels are some of the most popular wheels for road and gravel bikes, and for good reason.

Recently Mavic have completely revamped their wheel range, introducing numerous new models of road, gravel and MTB wheels.  The full range of different wheels and options can seem overwhelming but the following gives a high level summary of the main categories.

Mavic have three main ranges of road wheels that ranked in terms of performance (low to high) are Aksium, Kyserium and Cosmic.  There are multiple wheels within each category and one of the key differences is weight and Mavic use the following designations (high to low): S, SL, SLR and ultimate.  Mavic also have a range of gravel, CX and MTB wheels.

Mavic aksium wheels


Aksiums are Mavic’s entry level road wheels.  The latest models are now lighter and have widened aluminium rims to support 25mm to 32mm clincher tyres and are available for rim and disc brakes.  Aksiums can be fitted with clincher tyres only.

Aksiums are reasonably light and very reliable making them good solid all rounders.

mavic ksyrium wheels


Mavic’s Ksyrium wheels have gradually evolved since 1999, building up a reputation for combining light weight with loads of strength. You might see the cheaper models as workhorse wheels but the higher up the range you go the higher the performance you get for your money.  All the rims are made from Maxtol alloy instead of 6000 series aluminium used in the Aksiums.   Kyseriums can be fitted with clinchers or tubeless tryres.

Claimed weights are low and this combined with bombproof performance make them a popular choice.

mavic cosmic wheels


Mavic Cosmic wheels introduce carbon as the primary build material.  The wheels are optimised for 28mm tyres but can support upto 32mm width tyres.  The step up to the Cosmic range also includes wide carbon rims, improved hubs and lower weights.  To improve braking for rim brakes, the wheels have iTgMax lazer etched brake tracks.  The other major upgrade with the Cosmic range is the availability of deeper section rims ranging from 32mm to 65mm.

Cosmics offer high performance at competitive price points with a wide range of options.

mavic allroad wheels

Gravel & Cyclocross

Mavic's off road Allroad wheels share a lot of technology with their Kyserium range but have been beefed up to support the stresses of off road riding.  They have a range of wide rims that can support tyres from 28mm to a massive 62mm.  They are only available for disc brakes and can support QR and thru axle.  There is also the option to upgrade from Maxtel alloy to full carbon rims (great for gravel racing).

Allroad wheels offer great value reliable wheels for offroad and commuting.

We have a range of Mavic wheels in stock and can order in items from the full Mavic range.  Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or pop into the shop for a chat. 

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