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Frog bikes are designed with children at the forefront, ensuring that every component and every detail of their bikes helps to instill confidence in cycling from day one. They offer the best lightweight aluminium kids’ bikes which are all fully equipped with age-specific components from leading manufacturers. With a wide variety of colours and ranges to choose from, Frog bikes make the perfect riding companion for every age, ability and discipline. All Frog bikes are lightweight, robust, durable, low maintenance and built for longevity so that they can be passed on to siblings, friends or family when they are outgrown. We stock a comprehensive range of children's bikes including balance bikes, first pedal bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes and road bikes.

Frog Balance Bike

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are where a child's cycling life begins. Teach your child how to balance with a Frog balance bike and make riding as easy as walking. Suitable for children aged 18 months to 4 years these balance bikes are available in three sizes; a 10-inch balance bike, a 12-inch balance bike and a 14-inch balance bike.
Frog’s kids’ balance bikes are effectively toddler bikes without pedals.

Frog First Pedal Bike

First Pedal Bike

Frog’s lightweight first pedal bikes are the best kids’ bikes for children transitioning from balance bikes to pedals to help them build confidence in their cycling skills. Suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years these children’s first pedal bikes are available in three sizes; a 14-inch bike, a 16-inch bike and an 18-inch bike.
These aluminium children’s bikes are super lightweight making them easy for children to learn to ride on

Mountain Bikes

Kids can now hit the trails with Frog’s children’s mountain bikes, all fully equipped with age-specific components to achieve ultimate performance. These kids’ MTBs are part of our Push The Limits range for older children. Suitable for children aged 8 to 13+ years, these kids’ mountain bikes are available in three sizes; a 24-inch MTB, and two 26-inch MTB variations.

Frog Mountain Bike
Frog Road Bike

Road Bike

Frog’s kids’ road bikes will help children increase their distance, speed and confidence for road racing, cyclocross or triathlons, with a super lightweight frame, child-specific short-drop handlebars and auxiliary brake levers.
The aluminium frames have clearance to fit both slick road tyres and CX tyres for additional grip making it the bike of choice for young, multi-discipline racers! Suitable for children aged 6 to 14 years.

Frog bikes MOT test

Frog Bikes MOT Test

Much like a car MOT test, the Frog Bike MOT test will give your Frog bike a health check. The thorough inspection will check for damage, wear and tear and potential repairs or adjustments on 20 key safety points across the bike including brakes, gears, handlebars, saddle, frame, wheels and drive train.

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