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Kinesis GTD titanium bike


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“It's a frameset that feels light and responsive for those blasts in the sun, but if you want to go long, it's very comfortable”


No matter whether you are doing endurance races, century rides, or commuting in style, the GTD delivers pure riding joy on every single ride.

The GTD comes equipped for all conditions riding, because we believe the sublime ride of titanium shouldn’t be reserved for summer Sundays.

Titanium is a beautiful material. Not only can you build a stiff frame, you can, if you know what you are doing, deliver amazing comfort levels with titanium. And that is exactly what Kinesis has done.

This flagship model can be custom built into a stunning bike that you can enjoy and will definitely turn heads.

The Kinesis GTD is a rare example of a bike that is a master of all trades. It’s equally at home on fast group rides, solo tours, laden with luggage, commuting to work or on epic weekend excursions. It looks great too. The brushed-titanium finish is flawless, and the frame even sports a titanium head badge. A titanium bike is often described as one to ride for life. Well, Kinesis’ GTD V2 is a bike that will broaden your cycling life.

Kinesis GTD Seat Post.webp

Kinesis have updated the GTD with a host of refinements for an even more unforgettable ride.

This high quality frameset delivers it all – comfort, performance and sweet handling – regardless of how you ride it.

Kinesis GTD Bottom Bracket.webp
Kinesis GTD
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