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Hunt wheels

Hunt Bike Wheels exists because the wheels the team wanted to ride weren’t readily available, so they assembled a group of talented, passionate riders with a wealth of industry experience, and set out to deliver the latest, most practical, forward-thinking technology in all things round. Their mission is to serve devoted riders with the highest performing products, backed by best-in-class rider support at highly competitive prices.  Their wheels have won numerous awards and have superb reviews from the likes of bikeradar, and Singletrack.

Hunt Bike Wheels create cutting-edge performance wheels. Cycling, for all of the team at HUNT | The Rider Firm, is a core passion - whether riding along a ribbon of forgotten single-track; pounding through the daily commute or racing our riding buddies to the next street sign... riding is very much a part of what they do at The Rider Firm.  Hunt wheels are built by cyclists for cyclists.

Hunt offer a wide range of wheels for all types of riding and budget including road, TT, gravel and MTB.  The range includes both alloy and carbon wheels supporting rim and disc brakes.  All Hunt wheels are built and finished by hand, inclusive of a full quality control inspection.  Each build is signed off personally by the builder and the control card is included in the box.

HUNT 48 Limitles Aero Disc wheelset


Hunt Wheels have a wide range of road focused wheels with both carbon and alloy construction.  Alloy wheels use a special HFR Alloy that is significantly stronger than 6061-T6 alloy.  Carbon wheels use T700/T800 carbon-fibre with 3K weave.  Rim depths range from 34mm to a whooping 60mm with disc and rim brake options.  To deliver optimum performance the wheels can be built with CeramicSpeed bearings and Carbon spokes.  The range delivers top performance and amazing value for money.

MASONxHUNT 4 Season Disc wheelset

Off-road and gravel

Hunt 4 Season is the wheel that started it all. The specs have been updated over the years, but the principle has always remained the same: maximise durability whilst minimising any drawbacks in riding characteristics. This wheel is not just designed to endure the worst two seasons, but deliver performance reliably all year round.  Hunt have expanded their range to include carbon gravel and adventure wheels supporting wide rims optimised for wide tyres.  All Hunt wheels are tubeless ready which is a great option for off-road riding.

HUNT 82 Carbon Aerodynamicist Wheels


Hunt Aerodynamicist - If you want the fastest wheels around then look no further than the aerodynamicist range.  Wind tunnel tested full carbon wheels with rims up to 82mm!  Add in CermicSpeed bearings plus elliptical wing spokes and you will be flying.  One of the trends at the moment is to have different rim depths front and back, the Hunt 5065 carbon aero disc wheelset provides just that.  If you want speed this range of wheels are perfect.

Hunt MTB wheels


Hunt Enduro Wide is the ideal MTB wheelset; lab developed and race proven it is Hunt's hardest hitting wheelset.  To better suit the differing needs of each wheel, a front (33mm int.) and rear (31mm int.) specific profile is utilised; designed for compliancy and grip up front, while the back is reinforced to handle high impacts.  Designed as the answer to your trail centre weekends, back country epics or days spent smashing through your local woods - a wheelset that can do it all and leave you with a big grin

Hunt provide a massive choice of options and we can supply the full range of Hunt wheels.  You can buy them online but the range and options can seem daunting.  Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or pop into the shop for a chat and we can help you choose your ideal wheelset.

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